About vegan certification

The control and labelling of vegan products is a service offered by independent associations mainly based in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan. The oldest vegan label dates back to the 1970s.

There are no international or European regulations on vegan products. Thus, only official organizations are in a position to protect and defend this allegation. It is important to support them when you want to mention “vegan” on your products.

These bodies represent the only credible experts in a position to decide on the conformity of products, in that they are considered official and independent.

Interests in obtaining a vegan label

The official labels give a higher value to the product with respect to the information pictogram. Indeed, these official vegan labels carry out in-depth checks to validate the admissibility of the “vegan” claim.

Vegan certification procedure

The vegan certification procedure differs from one organization to another. Indeed, some labels are granted on simple declaration, others carry out in-depth controls and audits in the field.

The registration period, tariffs and contractual commitments also differ from one organization to another. Royalties are sometimes to be expected on the sale of certified products.

The minimum criteria for vegan eligibility are the same in all organizations. However, some may have additional criteria such as the rejection of GMOs, palm oil or certain CRMs.

Beware of double labels

Finally, some of these labels also register vegetarian products (still contains animal derived products). Beware of sources of confusion for consumers who would not check the label in detail. They could confuse a vegetarian product with a vegan product. If you want to promote a non-animal lifestyle, you should prefer labels that do not support purely vegetarian products.

Valid worldwide

All labels are valid internationally, but their reputation and recognition may only be local (one country, one continent). If your products will be sold in different areas, register your products under different labels.